Baby Body Parts Sold by Planned Parenthood May Have Been Transplanted Into Rats

The left is moving beyond Island of Doctor Moreau type sex change weirdness ever deeper into horror that would have raised the hair on Josef Mengele’s neck. Ever wonder what they do with the body parts Planned Parenthood markets from the babies it butchers? Here’s a clue:

Medical researchers are growing human organs in mice by implanting dead human baby organs into rodents, a practice that stands to gain greater scrutiny in light of undercover videos exposing what appears to be Planned Parenthood affiliates selling aborted baby parts to medical procurement companies like StemExpress.

These days the news is grotesque and surreal:

These mice or rats are created by removing a human organ such as a kidney from a dead human baby and implanting it into a mouse or rat for the purpose of medical research.

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As reported in Live Science, Duke University medical student Eugene Gu co-authored a study released in January in which he said, “Our long-term goal is to grow human organs in animals, to end the human donor shortage.” According to the report, Gu is also founder and CEO of Redwood, California biotech company Ganogen, Inc.

Gu and his colleagues have obtain baby kidneys from StemExpress.

StemExpress is a primary buyer of baby parts from Planned Parenthood as noted in a Breitbart News article on the details of a fifth CMP [Center for Medical Progress] video that was released Tuesday.

They don’t only use kidneys…

In Gu’s study, fetal kidneys were transplanted into rats that lacked immune systems in order to keep the organs from being rejected, according to Live Science. Researchers have also attempted transplanting fetal hearts.

Science is certainly marvelous. But imagine living with the thought that your child’s heart may be beating in a rat.

After Center for Medical Progress videos began hitting the media, StemExpress promptly acquired a restraining order against CMP regarding further release of videos that involve StemExpress.

Too bad these peoples have the liberal courts on their side; some of the footage might have been used in an over-the-top low-budget horror movie.

Once you have cast off the principle of right versus wrong in favor of political correctness, all things are possible.

Who knows where this is leading?

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