Children’s Hospital Funded by Taxpayers Giving 12-Year-Old Girls Plan B Without Telling Parents

Children’s Hospital Funded by Taxpayers Giving 12-Year-Old Girls Plan B Without Telling Parents

There are almost no medical procedures that a minor child can have done without parental consent — yet for some reason, abortion advocates consistently work to deny parents their rights and allow children to have access to birth control and abortion without the knowledge or consent of their parents. One hospital in Colorado is an abortion activist’s dream, then: they’ve been providing children with free birth control, including the Plan B pill, without telling parents first.


Children’s Hospital Colorado provides birth control, the morning after pill, and IUDs to children as young as 12 without parental notification, according to a new investigation.

Joe Cole of Fox 21 News spent a year investigating the Colorado Springs facility, which provides 100% free birth control for anyone aged 12-24.

Plan B and the IUD, as well as the hormonal birth control pill, release high levels of hormones into the woman’s body, and can have a variety of side effects. They can also act to induce an early abortion by preventing the implanation of an already fertilized embryo. Yet the hospital will not notify parents if young minor girls are using the services and devices, even if they know the child’s parents had no idea she was seeking medical treatment.

Cole also reports that the hospital’s website,, originally contained graphic sexual content, including a slide show illustrating 64 different sexual positions.

What’s especially shocking is that they would administer an IUD without parental consent, considering that it’s a surgical procedure — are there any other surgical procedures a 12-year-old could undergo without their parents consenting first? And on top of providing children with birth control, they’re also indoctrinating these kids with graphic sexual images… all funded with our taxpayer dollars.

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