Court Rules Swedish Nurse Must Participate in Abortions

When a country becomes as progressive as Sweden, the moonbattery is mandatory:

[Swedish nurse Ellinor] Grimmark was fired from her position because she refused to assist abortions. Even though there was a shortage of midwives at the time she was fired and even though she is willing to take on double shifts, she has been denied a job ever since. …

Grimmark says in a statement to the newspaper Aftonbladet: ”As a midwife, I want to exercise a profession which defends life and saves lives at all cost. Are healthcare practitioners in Sweden to be forced to take part in procedures that extinguish life, at its beginning or final stages? Somebody has to take the little children’s side, somebody has to fight for their right to life. A midwife described to me how she had held an aborted baby in her arms, still alive, and cried desperately for an hour while the baby struggled to breathe. These children do not even have a right to pain relief. I cannot take part in this.”

What decent person could?

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But a Swedish court ruled [Thursday] that Grimmark has no choice but to participate in abortions.

The court agreed that her rights had been infringed, but ruled that the rights of others to kill their children are more important.

Grimmark is currently working as a midwife with maternity care in Norway, where her freedom of conscience is being respected.

When Norway catches up to Sweden in progressiveness, she will be out of a job there too.

Maybe she can work as a midwife for the Third World colonizers Sweden has been importing in unassimilable numbers. They aren’t aborting their children, but rather are cranking out offspring at a rate much higher than the native population, which is forced to support them through the welfare state.

Herbert Stein’s Law states that “if something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” That is certainly true of the cultural decay known as liberalism.

Ellinor Grimmark
Grimmark: Forced to choose between having a job and having a soul.

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