EPIC T-Shirt: Kelsey Grammer Comes out as Pro-Life

EPIC T-Shirt: Kelsey Grammer Comes out as Pro-Life

So they called Bruce…I mean Caitlyn brave?  No Kelsey Grammer “BOSS” is brave.  There was no reason for him to have to “come out” this way, but he did.  To attack two issues in one from the right was genius.


Best known as elitist, snooty Seattlite Fraiser Crane from Fraiser and before that Cheers (both shows available on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime), Kelsey Grammer is making the Twitter rounds with this epic t-shirt from abort73.com.

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The T-shirt poses a great question about abortion. Since the nation is all up in arms (had to do it) about guns and gun rights, it does beg the question: if unborn children were shot in the head with a 1911, would it bother us more than using forceps and curettages? Regardless, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity champion the cause for life. The pro-lifers on Twitter sure got a kick out of it. Hollywood probably won’t… Hope Kelsey enjoys his tossed salads and scrambled eggs while they last. Yeah, had to do that one too. It’s Kelsey, he’ll appreciate the humor.



Thanks Mr. Grammer! I’m an even bigger fan than I was before.

Allow me to explain. I actually was never a fan of Frasier. But my mom was a costume designer for French-Canadian talk-shows, sitcoms and live Galas. Kelsey was one of the hosts for the “Just For Laughs” festival and of all the celebrities my mother had the pleasure of working with, he was by far the nicest. Well, him and John Candy.

Sorry, inside baseball, but I had to. Kelsey, you’re a class act.

Most people in Hollywood will not come out as “right” for fear of losing work.  Kelsey Kudos to you.

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