Former Abortion Clinic Director: ‘Our Goal was 3-5 Abortions Per Student’

Former Abortion Clinic Director: ‘Our Goal was 3-5 Abortions Per Student’

Once upon a time, abortion activists used the catchphrase “safe, legal, and rare” as a way to sell people the pro-abortion cause — but make no mistakes, they never actually believed it. The goal has always been to get people to have as many abortions as possible, as former abortion clinic director Carol Everett explains:


Public school sexual education programs run by pro-choice groups “break down the natural modesty (of students), they separate them from their parents and their values … and they eventually give them low-dose birth control pills they know they’ll get pregnant on,” Everett told Progressives Today.

Everett understands the tactics used by pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood because she earned a living in the profitable abortion industry. She ran four different abortion centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area between 1977 and 1983, when she changed her position on the issue.

“We went to the schools as early as kindergarten,” Everett said of her years working in the industry. During those sessions, sex ed instructors “are planting the seed (in student’s minds) that parents don’t know what they are talking about.”

In elementary schools, the sex ed curriculum utilizes several books — such as Robie H. Harris’ “It’s So Amazing,” “It’s Perfectly Normal,” and “It’s Not the Stork” — to acclimate students to the idea of sex, and to promote sexual behaviors.

“By fourth grade they encourage them to masturbate alone, or in groups of four or five of the same sex,” Everett said. By fifth or sixth grade, the curriculum turns to “talking about having sex” and intentionally encourages a “parents don’t understand you” mentality.

“That’s when we gave them the low-dose birth control we know they’ll get pregnant on,” Everett said. The pills must be taken at exactly the same time every day, something those administering the pills know is very difficult, if not impossible, for most teens, she said.

Inevitably, many young girls become pregnant while still in school. Scared, vulnerable, and conditioned to avoid discussions of a sexual nature with their parents, they call the only people they think they can trust.

As sickening as it is to hear how the abortion industry preys on the young and the vulnerable, it isn’t altogether surprising. Abortionists thrive on manipulating and exploiting the people they claim to protect, setting up shop in low-income, minority areas, going after children in elementary school — all with the intent to make sure that they can perform as many abortions as possible. “Safe, legal, and rare” was never what they wanted.

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