Hear the Speech given at the March for Life that Brought the Crowd to Tears [VIDEO]

Hear the Speech given at the March for Life that Brought the Crowd to Tears [VIDEO]

Mia Love gave a passionate and moving speech at the March for Life today. As tears streamed down her face, she spoke of how we cannot accept what might of been. She talks of the decision by her Haitian immigrant parents not to abort her as a baby… she grew up to be the first black Republican female ever elected to Congress. “Each child born and unborn has the potential to open up our world and take us to places and spaces we’ve never imagined,” Love said. “Each living child carries with him or her the potential for greatness.” Yes, they do… and each child deserves a chance at life, not to be butchered by some greedy abortionist.

Mia Love is a Republican from Utah and a devout Morman. She believes in the sanctity of life and you can hear it here. Love said that every time a child is killed by an abortion, the potential of the country is killed as well. “Every time we kill a child, we, all of us, suffer,” Love said. “We lose a little of ourselves and a whole lot of our future.” That is very true and what we lose can never be recovered. It is a loss of promise and innocence… it is beyond tragic.


From RedState:

Representative Mia Love spoke at the March for Life in Washington D.C. today, and all I can say is, you’d better have some Kleenex nearby because this speech was a knockout.

She says of abortion, “We cannot accept what might have been.”

She speaks of her journey and her parent’s decision not to abort her. She says, “I am certain this couple would never have thought that this child would become the the first black female Republican ever elected to Congress!”

It’s seven minutes long and worth watching the entire thing.

Mia Love gave a seven-minute long speech where she called for the ending of funding for abortion here in America. I stand with Mia in her call to cut off funding for the butchers of Planned Parenthood once and for all. Women have many other options for care that do not involve an abortion mill run by monsters. A woman can choose to keep her child or give it up for adoption… there are many, many parents out there that want a child of their own.

“Forty-one years ago that couple from Haiti could have made the choice to abort, but they didn’t,” Love said. “They chose life. They didn’t choose what might have been; they chose what is to come. They went and followed and fostered that life, and the future and the dreams that baby would bring. I’m certain that this couple would never have thought that that child would become the first black female Republican ever to be elected to Congress.”

The March for Life has been held every year since 1974, after the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling. For the first time in eight long years, it is getting media coverage again. Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the Washington Monument today as well and Kellyanne Conway was also there. President Trump called in. This is a pro-life presidency. The evil dark days of sacrificing our unborn for profit may at long last be coming to an end.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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