HORROR: HBO Documentary Lets Viewers “Hear The Death” Of An Aborted Baby [VIDEO]

HORROR: HBO Documentary Lets Viewers “Hear The Death” Of An Aborted Baby [VIDEO]

Eager and anxious to normalize the taking of life, HBO has launched a new project called Abortion: Stories Women Tell. They tout it as a “fair” representation of both sides of the issue. The two sides, for those who may be confused, are these; the side that thinks it’s barbaric to rip a baby limb from limb inside his mother’s womb and the side that thinks it’s barbaric not to have the absolute unmitigated right to rip a baby limb from limb inside his mother’s womb.

Now we might well wonder, why would anyone be on that second side. And how does such a person actually justify that stance? The answer lies somewhere in the ability of human beings to lie to themselves.

The idea that this horrifying documentary, which features the audio of a baby being dismembered and killed, is fair to both sides, is ridiculous. Number one, there’s a third side no one is considering; the baby. Perhaps the child whose life is on the line should be considered a full fledged member of the “debate.” According to Reagan Barklage, Western Director of Students for Life of America, and one of three pro-life people featured in the documentary, the project was clearly slanted toward abortion, showing the left’s idea of the stereotypical abortion protesters who harass patients, instead of showing the compassionate and non-judgmental pro-lifers.

She said of its airing at the TriBeCa Film Festival, “As the room turned dark and the film played, it became clear to me that this was not a ‘balanced’ film. This was a film whose producers wanted to destigmatize abortion.”

“There are so many pro-life organizations that are compassionate and loving towards women seeking abortions or who need healing afterwards and I feel those protesters that scream and yell, while they get attention, are in the minority,” Barklage explained.

“I felt like the producers had betrayed my trust by saying the film was going to be balanced, when in reality it was not at all.”

Barklage also said in her blog that a camera “even followed one woman into the operating room at the facility” and those watching would “hear the death of that child.”

“The sound of that child’s death, was gut-wrenching. It was inconsiderate and cruel to not only include the sound of the suction machine but also show the blood remaining on the machine afterwards.”

“Some women can no longer go to the dentist because the sound of the cleaning machine reminds them of the suction machine from their abortion. Other women can’t even turn on their vacuum because it reminds them of their abortion years ago.”

“Where is the humanity? The cold and sterile feeling that scene brought was disturbing.”

It needs to be said here, that if a person has had an abortion in the past, there is no condemnation here. We all have done things we regret. We have all made decisions we wish we could reverse. We have all needed grace and forgiveness. The goal is not to dwell on the past, but to do all that we can to eliminate other mothers and babies having the life-altering negative experience of abortion. The goal is life for all; the mom and the baby.

Where is the humanity, indeed. HBO has basically produced a snuff film. But because the victims happen to be in their mother’s wombs, that doesn’t bother the pro-abortion movement at all. Children are being sacrificed on the twin altars of convenience and money. And no culture who sacrifices its children will be held guiltless forever. Let’s contact HBO and tell them what we think of this pro-abortion documentary of death and misery. Let’s show HBO that #LifeTrumpsDeath.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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