This Is A HUGE Win For The Pro-Life Movement!

This Is A HUGE Win For The Pro-Life Movement!

Well, this is good news in the state I currently reside in. A bill here in Oklahoma could revoke the license of any doctor who performs an abortion. That bill is on the way to the governor’s desk where she may very well sign it. Opponents are saying it’s unconstitutional, but I don’t see how. How is it unconstitutional to punish a murderer? The State Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill. Now, we wait and see if Governor Mary Fallin will sign it and protect the unborn in this state. There are exemptions for doctors who carry out an abortion in the case of a miscarriage or for preserving the life of the mother. This is the way it should be and I sure hope Fallin signs it into law.

From Reuters:

An Oklahoma bill that could revoke the license of any doctor who performs an abortion has headed to the governor, with opponents saying the measure in unconstitutional and promising a legal battle against the cash-strapped state if it is approved.

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In the Republican-dominated legislature, the state’s House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a Senate bill late on Thursday. Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican, has not yet indicated whether she will sign it.

Under the bill, doctors who perform abortions would risk losing their medical licenses. Exemptions would be given for those who perform the procedure for reasons including protecting the mother or removing a miscarried fetus.

“This is our proper function, to protect life,” said Senator Nathan Dahm, the Republican who authored the bill.

The Marxists are screaming bloody murder: “Oklahoma politicians have made it their mission year after year to restrict women’s access vital health care services, yet this total ban on abortion is a new low,” said Amanda Allen, senior state legislative counsel at the Center for Reproductive Rights. Too freaking bad. Take your murderous ways to another state where they view infanticide more favorably. The lobbying group and several other abortion rights organizations have promised court challenges if the bill is enacted. Bring it. Supporters of the bill said it will help protect the sanctity of life. “If we take care of morality,” bill supporter David Brumbaugh, a Republican, said during deliberations, “God will take care of the economy.” I agree and I’d like to say well done to the Oklahoma State Senate.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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