Kill Your Baby for Free in Oregon

Kill Your Baby for Free in Oregon

Oregon has taken another step closer to utopia by offering free abortions for everybody:

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Thursday that she plans to sign a sweeping, unprecedented bill requiring insurers to provide free abortions for their customers, including illegal immigrants.

As everyone except Bernie Sanders supporters knows, nothing is really free. The abortions will be paid for by others, many of whom regard abortion as murder, through higher insurance rates and taxation. Cost of the bill: $10.2 million.

About $500,000 would be designated for the estimated 22,873 women who would be eligible for the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program, “except for their immigration status.”

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Decent people must pay to have illegal aliens’ babies killed because enforcing immigration law makes too much sense for moonbattery-addled Oregon.

The Beaver State already has the most liberal abortion laws in the country. According to state representative Mike Nearman,

“You can get an abortion at any time for any reason. Even sex selection.”

But for progressives, nothing is good enough until someone else has been forced to pay for it.

Oregon’s Governor Brown is as much a moonbat as California’s.

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