NC House Passes Common Sense Abortion Bill

Democrats are very, very, very unhappy that this occurred.


(WRAL) The state House on Thursday approved a proposal to add regulations to the operations of North Carolina abortion clinics.

The House voted 74-41 in favor of the bill, which now returns to the Senate for a final vote before going to Gov. Pat McCrory. He pledged on the campaign trail last fall that he wouldn’t support more restrictions on abortions in the state.

The House changed the bill a tad to water down how clinics will be treated, due to complaints from Gov. McCrory

The House version calls for only relevant standards of surgery centers to apply to abortion clinics and requires that a physician be present for only the first dose of RU486 or other abortion drugs. Such drugs are usually administered in two to three doses, and the doctor wouldn’t need to see the patient for later doses under the House proposal.

Really, this whole thing has some basic restrictions on abortion on demand. It still doesn’t go far enough in terms of parental notification, but

Opponents argued during a vigorous three-hour debate that such changes were only cosmetic, and they said the legislation is intended to shut down abortion clinics by regulating them tightly. Similar laws in other states have forced clinics there to close.

“This is an anti-woman bill in disguise, a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” said Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield, D-Wilson.

Are there any restrictions that Democrats will abide? They whine about this being “political”, not about women’s safety. The rules haven’t been updated for 19 years. One GOP Rep. noted that animal shelters have stronger standards than abortion clinics.

Abortion clinics statewide have been cited 205 times over the past decade for health and safety violations, Stevens said, and several have been written up repeatedly for the same problems.

If this was a gun shop, Democrats would be pushing harsh measures.

Rep. Nathan Baskerville, D-Vance, took issue with the provision prohibiting local and county governments from providing abortion coverage to employees, calling it a “power grab.”

Now that’s funny, considering what national Democrats, including Mr. Obama, have done since 2009. And what Democrats were doing when they had the NC General Assembly. And what Dem governors, including the simply awful Bev Perdue, did.

Anyway, Allahpundit has a related post showing that Americans are for a ban on abortions above 20 weeks by a margin of 63-30. He also excerpts from a Weekly Standard story regarding an interview with Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, who refused to answer the question “Are there any legal limits you do support on abortion, Ms. Richards?” AllahP notes

She wouldn’t answer. That’s from John McCormack of the Standard, by the way, who’s well-practiced in asking national Democrats questions simple yes-or-no questions on whether there should be any limits whatsoever on killing babies in the womb and getting either semi-coherent evasions or stony silence in response. It’s the surest thing in journalism. The party’s run by abortion fanatics, so much so that they’d rather cop to their fanaticism through tacit acknowledgment than lie about it to look “mainstream.” He’ll be asking this question of other Dems for years to come. I’d bet cash money that he’ll never get a straight answer.

This same Party wants massive restrictions on things that they have no Constitutional business regulating, per both the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They want gun restrictions, they want to determine who is a “journalist”, they want to roll back religious freedom (via Obamacare), they want “climate change” legislation which limits freedom, etc and so on. Yet, when it comes to abortion, there is no restriction or regulation they’re willing to put up with.

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