New York Times EXCLUDES anti-abortion book “Gosnell” from Bestseller List

New York Times EXCLUDES anti-abortion book “Gosnell” from Bestseller List

Gee, I thought there was an outside chance that the New York Times might straighten up. Nope. They just overwhelmingly proved that they are biased hacks by excluding the non-fiction bestseller “Gosnell” from their list. It debuted as the No. 3 bestseller on Amazon and sold out. The New York Times included it on their “Combined Print & E-Book Best Sellers” at #13, but did not include it in their “Print Hardcover Best Sellers” list, even though it outsold all but three other nonfiction hardcover titles. It’s obvious this is censorship… they are still trying to bury the story of Gosnell, an abortionist who slaughtered thousands of babies in and out of the womb. He wasn’t very picky.

The book covers the life and atrocities of Doctor Gosnell. He was convicted in 2013 of performing abortions beyond Pennsylvania’s 24-weeks gestation limit, three counts of first-degree murder for killing babies born alive by severing their spinal cords with scissors and the involuntary manslaughter of an adult patient named Karnamaya Mongar, a refugee who had only recently arrived in the United States after fleeing war-torn Bhutan. He is now serving a life sentence. He should have been put to death if you ask me. The man is a demon straight out of hell.


From TheBlaze:

A new book about Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell was excluded from the New York Times bestseller list, its authors and publisher said Thursday.

The book, “Gosnell,” by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, debuted as the No. 3 bestseller on Amazon, and topped the site’s “Hot New Releases” chart. It sold out on the site in three days.

While the Times did place “Gosnell” on their “Combined Print & E-Book Best Sellers” list at no. 13, they did not include the book on their nonfiction “Print Hardcover Best Sellers” list, although its publisher, Regnery Publishing, said it outsold all but three nonfiction hardcover titles.

In a statement, McElhinney said it is “shocking that the cover-up of the Gosnell story is continuing even after the mainstream media were so criticized for failing to cover the trial.”

“It’s clear that this is a blatant fake list in a fake news newspaper,” she said. “It’s not only an insult to the people who have bought this book, but an insult to the readers of the New York Times who buy the newspaper and think they are getting the truth about book sales across America but instead get false facts disguised as a neutral list.”

“The media doesn’t want this story to see the light of day because it shines a negative light on abortion,” McElhinney added. The New York Times is infamous for slighting authors like Glenn Beck, because they don’t like their point of view. You know, conservative. In 2015, they omitted Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s “A Time for Truth” from their list. The book later appeared on the list. Many others that should have made their list, never make it purely for political reasons.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a convicted late-term abortionist, has been called America’s “most prolific serial killer.” He kept babies in jars on his desk and shelves. He was a butcher of the unborn. Gosnell would sever the spinal cords of infants who were born alive with scissors in a process he called “snipping.” His clinic was filthy beyond belief and a house of horrors. McElhinney likened the clinic to “the darkest circle of hell.” The media has done all they can to quash the story and keep it from the public’s view because it shows what abortion is really like. The New York Times was caught red handed doing it this time. Unbiased my ass.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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