New York Times Hypes “Christian” Abortionist

New York Times Hypes “Christian” Abortionist

Joseph Stalin was legendary for his ability to inflict absolute tyranny, but not even he could eradicate Christianity, despite his efforts. People like Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times are more likely to succeed. Their approach is more insidious than the gulags and firing squads employed by Stalin. On Saturday Kristof published a puff piece glorifying an abortionist named Willie Parker:

Parker is black, feminist and driven by his Christian faith to provide abortions in the South, where women seeking to terminate a pregnancy have few options.

“I believe that as an abortion provider, I am doing God’s work,” Parker writes in his new memoir, “Life’s Work.” “I am protecting women’s rights, their human right to decide their futures for themselves, and to live their lives as they see fit.”

The human right of their children to live their lives at all is not acknowledged.

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Since childhood, Parker had been taught that abortion was wrong, and for the first half of his career as an OB-GYN, he refused to perform abortions. But then he had what he calls his “come to Jesus moment,” an epiphany that his calling was to help women who wanted to end their pregnancies.

A “come to Jesus moment.” Kermit Gosnell must have heard the same calling. Due to his sloppiness regarding corpse disposal, the NY Times would be less eager to report on someone like Gosnell.

There is more to this piece than the liberal media’s relentless promotion of abortion. Kristof is also attacking Christianity in possibly the most effective way possible: by hollowing it out and filling its empty insides with degenerate, immoral moonbattery.

Christianity will survive much more easily in a country where Christians are arrested than in one where they are praised for performing abortions.

Kristof’s approach may prove more effective than Stalin’s.

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