Obamacare Passed Because “Pro-Life” Democrats Voted To Fund Abortion With Your Tax Dollars

Of course Democrats will deny the title of this piece is true, but if you don’t believe me, believe Chris Carney,

As I said publicly, I can’t vote for a bill that will publicly fund abortion. — Chris Carney (D-Pa.)

At the end, the whole bill came down to the abortion issue. Bart Stupak was publicly admitting that the bill funds abortion. Then, he caved and took some of his supporters with him. In the end, it was those “pro-life” Democrats voting for a bill that funded abortion with tax dollars that put health care reform over the top.

Today, the consequences of that pro-abortion vote are starting to come home,

The bus tour the Susan B. Anthony List is sponsoring through the Midwest to highlight the way in which some “pro-life” Democrats voted for the pro-abortion health care bill is raising the ire of the House members from Indiana and Ohio. They are responding to the criticism with assertions pro-life groups aren’t pro-life.

The SBA List is today continuing a 23-city bus tour, “Votes Have Consequences,” in the districts of six congressional Democrats who say they are pro-life but voted for a bill that virtually every pro-life group agrees will ultimately result in abortion funding.

…Some of the members of Congress targeted in the bus tour have responded to it but Steve Fought, a spokesperson for Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, went further than others by accusing the SBA List and pro-life groups of not being pro-life and opposing the bill merely because Obama signed it than because it funds abortions.

“I think these so-called pro-life groups–I think their complaint is more with who’s signing the executive order than the executive order itself,” Fought told Human Events. I think what it points to is, simply, they have a political agenda. Their political agenda, anti-Obama, is stronger than their belief in consistency when it comes to pro-life issues.”

“Some people you’re never going to satisfy. Some people, it’s never enough. And those folks fall into that category,” Fought said and told Human Events the groups he thinks aren’t truly pro-life include some of the top pro-life organizations in the country: Americans United for Life, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Susan B. Anthony List, and the National Right to Life Committee.

He also accused the pro-life groups of not representing the views of their members — even though polling data has consistently shown a large majority of Americans oppose both abortion funding and the health care bill Obama signed and his Democratic colleagues supported.

Emily Buchanan, the director of the Susan B. Anthony List, tells LifeNews.com that the pro-life Democrats her group is targeting had the chance to stop the abortion funding, but didn’t.

“Reps. Brad Ellsworth and Joe Donnelly, once pro-life Democrats who sold out the values of their Indiana constituents by supporting the biggest expansion of abortion since Roe, are quickly learning that Votes Have Consequences as our bus roars through towns across their districts, big and small,” she said. “We’ve visited seven towns so far and will hit 10 more before visiting the Indiana state fair for a day. On Sunday, the tour will head east to make more stops in Ohio (we kicked off the tour in Cincinnati) and Pennsylvania.”

Unless Republicans in Congress can block Obamacare, a lot of babies are going to be killed with YOUR tax dollars. The Democrats who helped make that happen shouldn’t be allowed to get away with lying to voters by claiming that they’re “Pro-Life.”

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