Planned Parenthood Provides Less Healthcare, Rakes in More Taxpayer Money; Abortions Stable

Planned Parenthood Provides Less Healthcare, Rakes in More Taxpayer Money; Abortions Stable

Things have been humming along nicely for Planned Parenthood, which provides ever less healthcare, rakes in ever more money, and keeps on killing at a steady pace:

Cancer screenings have plummeted by 50 percent over the past five years, according to Planned Parenthood’s 2015-2016 report. The 665,234 services performed at its 650 clinics represented a 50 percent drop from 1.3 million recorded in 2011-2012. Contraceptive services were also down from 3.4 million to 2.8 million over that time. The number of patients treated at Planned Parenthood also fell from “approximately three million” five years ago to 2.4 million in the most recent report.

Abortion services remained steady on the year, as Planned Parenthood continues to supply about 30 percent of the nation’s one million annual abortions. The organization performed 328,348 abortions, a slight dip from the 333,964 performed in 2011-2012.

Despite declines in service, Planned Parenthood continued to increase its haul from taxpayers. Its affiliates received $554.6 million from government health services and grants, which made up 41 percent if its revenue. That is a $12 million increase from the $542.4 million it took in in five years ago.

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In addition to coercive government funding and the profitability of the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood makes a fortune off moonbats who send them money just to be moonbats.

In 2011, the organization and its affiliates collected $307.5 million from private individuals and estates, which represented 26 percent of all revenue. In 2015, donations jumped 45 percent to $445.8 million, which represented 33 percent of all revenue collected. It gained 26,000 more “individual active contributors” over that time period. Private donations are key to Planned Parenthood’s campaign and lobbying operations; they made up “approximately 86 percent of the national organization’s revenues.”

Liberals give them money in order to express their hatred for the sort of people who think it is wrong to kill babies.

Planned Parenthood kicks back a good percentage of its income to the Democrat Party to make sure the government funding continues. Why it continues when Republicans control the federal government has not been explained. Fortunately, there is hope that it won’t for much longer.

Still counting its money — much of which is our money.

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