Principal who told Christians “I Don’t Give a F*** what you think Jesus tells me” finally resigns [VIDEO]

Principal who told Christians “I Don’t Give a F*** what you think Jesus tells me” finally resigns [VIDEO]

If your high school gets on the national news, then this is NOT the reason you’d like it to be for. Perhaps winning a state championship or having students invent something amazing would be worthy news. But not this! Not a liberal meltdown by a person in a position of power. An adult having a fit because he doesn’t agree with the beliefs of his students, regardless of how young or different they may be.

Well, that’s what happened recently in Downingtown, PA, and the person who made the news has resigned. Finally. Thankfully.

Zach Ruff, an assistant principal for a high school in Downingtown, PA, has gotten himself in some deep water and loads of unwanted attention for having a liberal meltdown towards some students who were associating with being pro-life. The liberal buffoon has finally resigned amid the chaos that ensued after his hilariously embarrassing meltdown that insulted the entire school and the students he works for.

He basically lost his mind when he confronted high school students on public property, because they were holding pro-life signs. It seems like the assistant principal is, or may be, against pro-life decisions in life. Maybe he’s pro-choice. Maybe he’s something else. Maybe he has lost his mind when it comes to lashing out at people half his age (or less) and causing a chaotic scene that involved inappropriate language towards children. When you’re the assistant principal of a school, then you certainly don’t go out of bounds to harass the kids in a way that turns you into a viral video for a bad reason. Having a nice chat with the kids and wishing them well on their journey, whatever it may be, would’ve been the correct thing to do. Or there’s this other thing called security or police. One can always call them to do the dirty work.

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This assistant principal took matters into his own hands and now he’s out of a job. I bet he regrets his actions now.

After school one day in April, Haines (Conner) and his sister were standing on the public sidewalk in front of the school holding pro-life signs when they were approached by Assistant Principal Dr. Zachary Ruff. Ruff began berating and threatening the pair and demanded that they remove themselves from near the school immediately. Undaunted, Haines replied that they were on a public sidewalk and within their rights to stand there holding their signs. This defiance sent Ruff into a rage and the incident was caught on tape.

When Conner tells Ruff that the babies being aborted are “image bearers” of God, the principal tells the young man that he “can go to hell, where they are, too.” Think about that, a public school official just told one of his students that he can “go to hell” while also insinuating that the murdered children are also in hell. Does that sound like the kind of thing a man in his position should say? Does this sound like the kind of man that should be in authority over our children?

Bad choice of words for an assistant principal to make towards children. A better option would be for him to ignore the kids or call security to deal with it and keep his nose out of things that don’t involve him. He embarrassed his school and makes public education look horrible when he acts like this. This is NOT how the majority of people in public education act. This man was completely irresponsible and unprofessional.

“Listen here son, alright?” Ruff said with a chuckle. “I’m as gay as the day is long and twice as sunny. I don’t give a f*** what you think Jesus tells me and what I should and should not be doing.” Ruff also called the Bible a “book of fiction” and told Conner Haines that “you and Trump can go to hell.”

I like how someone always has to bring Trump into things. What does Trump have to do with this? This is about abortion, not Trump. Who cares if the assistant principal is gay or straight? What’s his problem? Does he hate babies? Does he hate religion? Is he mad because the Bible promoted Adam and Eve instead of Adam and Steve? What does his sexuality have to do with abortion anyway? This man literally made zero sense in this 18 minute video below.

Do you think he has some serious inner issues that need to be worked out? Are you glad this man resigned from his job?

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