The Soon-To-Be-Viral Infographic Gun-Grabbing Leftists Will Absolutely Hate

Our readers are by now surely tired of the endless opportunism of the anti-gun crowd, which seizes upon every mass shooting event to exploit it into demands for curbs on the 2nd Amendment rights of sane and lawful citizens.

The morality behind that opportunism is supposed to be unquestionable. After all, they’re just trying to protect innocent lives, right?

Interesting, though, that most of the same people tend to be big pro-abortion fans who won’t hear of de-funding Planned Parenthood. So along comes an infographic conservatives will find much truth in and liberals will absolutely hate.

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Just so. You don’t get to play Defender of the Innocent when you have zero problem with the 55 million Americans killed before they could even take a breath. That gives the lie to this idea that the Left cares one whit about life. What they care about is freedom, and how you have too much of it, and how you might use that freedom to live in ways they don’t approve of.

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