The true reason 7.5 million people aren’t celebrating Planned Parenthood’s 100th birthday [VIDEO]

The true reason 7.5 million people aren’t celebrating Planned Parenthood’s 100th birthday [VIDEO]

Planned Parenthood celebrates their 100th murderous anniversary today. It is a black mark on America’s history. 7.5 million babies have been murdered by the butchers of Planned Parenthood. Their utter evil breaks all records for infanticide. As MRC points out, none of those babies will even be able to celebrate their first anniversary.

These monsters got their start in 1970 and have been slaughtering infants in record numbers and profiting off their deaths with no remorse whatsoever ever since… funded by the US government no less. They have cost taxpayers in the past decade (2004-2014) $4.5 billion dollars funneled through the US government and circulated through their baby-killing clinics across the country.


From NewsBusters:

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For Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary Sunday, MRC Culture reporters Sarah Stites and Katie Yoder remember the estimated 7.5 million babies who will never be able to celebrate even one birthday – something the liberal media likely won’t report.

Planned Parenthood has committed abortions since 1970. If the organization had never existed, 40,000 more Americans would be turning 40 this year. 98,638 people (roughly the population of Albany, NY) would be turning 30.153,367 people (enough to fill Pasadena, TX) would be turning 20. 289,750 (Plano, TX) would be turning 10. And a whopping 333,964 (Santa Ana, CA) would be turning five.

If Planned Parenthood is performing abortions today at the same rate as it did in 2014, MRC Culture calculated that an estimated 256,536 babies have been aborted so far this year, from January 1 up until Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary on Sunday.

In total (according to numbers by pro-life groups and extrapolated data*), the abortion giant is responsible for the deaths of 7.5 million babies – that’s roughly two times the number of people who live in Los Angeles.

Since government funds are fungible, Planned Parenthood sidesteps the Hyde Amendment and uses government funds for one thing and Planned Parenthood resources for others. Any way you slice it, the government has condoned and aided in the unprecedented slaughter of innocents.

Today, liberals, Progressives and Marxists will celebrate Planned Parenthood. People of faith, with morals and ethics grieve over the loss of life and the brutal carnage of the young. Wishing “Happy 100th Birthday” to Planned Parenthood means never wishing “Happy Birthday” to millions of Americans… especially black Americans. They might as well be sacrificing babies on altars to dark gods… in the end it is the same math.

Planned Parenthood should never have been allowed into existence in the first place. Surely, a people who revel in the murder of the unborn deserve to be turned from and reap what they sow.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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