[TWO VIDEOS] Dem Sen. Mark Udall Says He Supports Abortion During the Eighth Month of Pregnancy

[TWO VIDEOS] Dem Sen. Mark Udall Says He Supports Abortion During the Eighth Month of Pregnancy

That’s right. Only the ‘crazy right-wing republicans’ have extreme views on abortion. Watch the video clip below on the shocking stance this Democrat Senator takes on eighth month abortions:


From Weasel Zippers and The Weekly Standard:

At the outset of the Denver Post’s senatorial debate on Tuesday night, a moderator asked Democratic senator Mark Udall the following question: “We know that you support a woman’s right to choose, but given the advances in scientific understanding of fetal development, where pregnant mothers know at which week babies grow fingernails and can swallow, would you support a ban on late-term abortions and if so at what week?”

Udall replied by citing the case of a woman who discovered during the eighth month of pregnancy that her child had a severe brain deformity. “To demand that that woman carry that child to term would be a form of government intervention that none of us want to see happen. We ought to respect the women of Colorado and their point of view,” Udall said.

Udall gave no indication that he supports any legal limits on aborting healthy infants late in pregnancy or any other restrictions on abortion, a position consistent with his voting record.

Update: Via Katie Pavlich, in an interview Udall was specifically asked if he absolutely supported late-term and sex-selective abortion–that is, when people to kill baby girls late in pregnancy because they are girls.

“So you believe in a woman’s absolute right to make her own health care decisions, even if sometimes that includes late-term or sex-selective abortions?” a reporter asked Udall.

“Look, we should trust the woman and her family and her religious counselors and the people she wants to help her make that decision,” Udall replied.



There are plenty of babies that survive being born at 36 weeks (Most pregnancies are 40 weeks, for those who don’t know). 36 weeks would be 8 months. My own little brother was a preemie, born at a mere 32 weeks- today he is a strapping young man that attends college, holds down a job, and is a great uncle to all his nieces and nephews. I can’t fathom that anyone would consider a baby that age to be “non-viable” as a human. My brother sure is viable. He is a contributing member of society, and the world is a happier place for all the joy he brings in. This is a religious thing for some people, and for me, its a medical thing. I know what I can see on an ultra sound. I had 3 kids. I heard the sound of their hearts, I felt the flutter of their hands and feet. I am a nurse and I know what and how the human body creates another being. This is just wrong. There is no way that anyone can in good conscience state that this is legit. What do you think?


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