UNICEF: Trick or Treat for Abortion

Each year around this time I remind my readers that those ubiquitous orange UNICEF boxes their kids bring home from school are not nearly as innocuous as they seem. UNICEF undoubtedly does some good work. But there is a dark side to their mission. Abortion. UNICEF continues to fund programs that encourage more abortions, especially in Latin America and Africa.

In 2007 I noted that UNICEF has de-emphasized their focus on children and moved into the women’s rights and radical feminism arenas:

Leading the list of UNICEF’s Millennium Development Goals is “access to safe abortion”, which is synonymous with legal abortion. The 2007 report has 5 chapters. They are devoted to women’s equality in the areas of households, employment, politics, and government. The final chapter is an outline of the process needed to achieve “gender equality”. Nowhere in the 160 pages of this report is any mention of the 6 major causes of the more than 10 million child deaths worldwide. Problems like pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, neonatal sepsis, pre-term delivery and asphyxia at birth are given the merest of passing mentions. Instead, women’s “rights” to reproductive freedom and gender equality are the primary focus of the report.

Please take the time to read the whole thing. You’ll be shocked at UNICEF’s duplicity.

Last year UNICEF stuck its nose into the rewriting of the Dominican Republic’s new constitution.

Despite direct intervention by a top United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) official, the Dominican Republic appears poised to adopt a new constitution that protects human life “from conception until death.”

While Dominican lawmakers were debating the merits of such a provision and the nation’s penal prohibition of abortion, Nils Kastberg, UNICEF’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, interjected himself, calling on Dominican legislators to consider liberalizing abortion so women would not be forced into “unsafe procedures.” He also suggested they would be “hypocrites” unconcerned with the nation’s higher-than-average teen birth rate. Kastberg made his statements visiting the capital of Santo Domingo at the end of March.

That’s where those pennies you drop in the UNICEF boxes go. Thanks to your generosity a UN bureaucrat can chastise a sovereign nation for respecting the sanctity of human life. Fortunately the Dominican legislators ignored the officious UNICEF busybody and overwhelmingly endorsed the proposed charter, including Article 30, which states, “The right to life is inviolable from conception to death.”

UNICEF dollars also directly finance the indoctrination of children into the Palestinian death cult. In 2007 I wrote:

UNICEF is the primary financier of “summer camps” for Palestinian children where they learn songs that extol the virtues of suicide bombers and martyrdom. The most popular of these camps is named for Wafa Idris, the first female suicide bomber.

Do you want your pennies going toward teaching children to kill Jews?

Since 2006 The Vatican has withheld their symbolic contribution to UNICEF to protest the organization’s pro-abortion stance. EWTN suggests that pro-life families insert a note into the UNICEF collection box explaining that they cannot support an organization that promotes abortion. That’s an excellent idea. If you want to help poor children give your money to Catholic Charities instead.

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