US House Votes To Make It First-Degree Murder To Kill Babies After Botched Abortions

US House Votes To Make It First-Degree Murder To Kill Babies After Botched Abortions

In what should have been done decades ago, the United States House of Representatives voted to make it first-degree murder to kill a baby after a botched abortion, like what has allegedly occurred at Planned Parenthood clinics for years now.

But, don’t think for a second that everyone was on board with this common sense idea. Guess who wasn’t.

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In a nearly party-line vote of 248-177, with one Member voting “Present,” the House passed H.R. 3504, the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.” The bill was introduced and debated in light of the Center for Medical Progress’ videos that indicate Planned Parenthood clinics may be killing babies post-birth.

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The bill makes killing a baby born from a botched abortion first-degree murder, and requires reporting of violations of the law. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-VA, and Constitution Subcommittee Chairman Trent Franks, R-AZ, said in a statement that “this legislation sends a strong message to those who are in the horrific business of abortions that there are real consequences for those who would kill or abandon children after they are outside a mother’s womb.”

Leave it to Democrats to not be on-board with a plan to make killing a living human being an automatic first-degree murder charge.

Nope. So now we have clear evidence that Democrats, despite what they claim, in fact have no problem with infanticide.

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