VIDEO: ASTONISHING Time-Lapse Captures The Massive PRO-LIFE Crowd Marching Through D.C.

VIDEO: ASTONISHING Time-Lapse Captures The Massive PRO-LIFE Crowd Marching Through D.C.

This is amazing time-lapse footage of the March for Life yesterday. Hundreds of thousands of Americans who support the right to life of the unborn gathered in Washington, DC and marched. It was inspiring and simply beautiful. Vice President Mike Pence spoke as did Kellyanne Conway. Mia Love spoke and brought thousands to tears with her story and moving words of love for life. It’s not clear how many showed up, but by watching this, you can easily see it was hundreds of thousands from all 50 states and beyond.

I watched this and it gave me the chills. Such reverence for faith and the lives of the unborn is truly humbling. People marched in support of life and against the heinous murderous act of abortion. The media was all over the Women’s March on DC for those in favor of abortion, but when it came to the March for Life, they were much harder to find. It didn’t matter. We now have a pro-life presidency and our voices are no longer ignored and silenced.


From TheBlaze:

It’s unclear how many people marched in the streets of Washington D.C. on Friday in support of life, but one time-lapse by Students for Life of America attempted to capture the magnitude of the march.

In time-lapse videos posted to Facebook and Twitter, the organization was able to show exactly what mainstream media organizations failed to show: that hundreds of thousands of people were marching on Washington in support of life and against abortion.

Last weekend, the media covered the Women’s March on Washington, which prevented pro-life groups from joining them, nearly around the clock, emphasizing that the crowd size appeared to be larger than that from President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

But the time-lapse below shows exactly why the mainstream media chose not to cover it with the same zeal they did last weekend’s march or why they attempted to surround the march with negativity by labeling it “anti-abortion” instead of “pro-life.”

The media doesn’t cover this march because they don’t want to show just how many people are passionately against abortion in this country. It’s just that simple. President Trump has already cut off US funding for international abortions. A bill has been passed in the House to cut off funding of abortions here in the US. With any luck it will pass in the Senate as well and the butchers of Planned Parenthood will have to slake their thirst for the blood of the innocent some other way.

The March for Life was peaceful with no riots and no police needed. They did not leave a trail of garbage either. There were no grandstanding nasty celebrities, or convicted murderers speaking at this rally. These are people of faith and love. A vast difference from the Women’s March or the protesting after the Inauguration. This is moral America and her voice is finally being heard and this time, it is thunderous.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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