This video shows a bunch of babies & their ‘poofaces’ in slow-motion & it’s pure gold

This is epic! Come on now… I’m sure we can all relate. Heh. This is possibly THE most adorable video I have ever seen. The facial expressions on the little ones are priceless. Whoever thought up this ad campaign for Pampers should get a raise – dump one on them so-to-speak. The last phrase is ‘Don’t fear the mess!’ Just hysterical. I laughed myself silly over this one. One commenter accurately stated it was pure satisfaction. Indeed. This is brilliant and adorable. I’ve heard of morning face, but pooface is soooo much better.

From Rare:

Pooping is no easy feat — and that’s just a shitty fact of life. For babies, it’s somehow especially worse.

Thank goodness for Pampers.

The all-things-baby company’s newest commercial for baby wipes is a thing you need to see. It’s called “Pampers Pooface,” and it features the faces babies make as they’re pooping, in slow-motion. Those adorable faces somehow shed light to the otherwise crappy experience.

“Don’t fear the mess!” a prompt says at the end of the commercial.

They should add: “Beware of the cuteness!”

And you know what some were saying in the comments? Why only white babies? Liberal fascists once again ruin just about anything. And not that it matters, but I think one of them is of a different race. Is that all these people can see? Please, just go away and get a life. I see little cute babies… race never even occurred to me. Geez. I’d much rather just chuckle at these classic poofaces – let’s face it… adult poofaces aren’t nearly as fun or cute. Admit it! Sheer genius and a much needed smile was delivered over here. Hope they do a whole series of these. Awesome.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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