There have been a lot of people weighing in on the recent bombing of Afghanistan, especially as it was the biggest non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal that was used. Liberals are furious over it, predictably, while conservatives are applauding. But what do the people affected firsthand by it think? How are Afghanis reacting?

The MOAB — or Mother Of All Bombs — was dropped on a tunnel complex in Afghanistan which was originally used by Al Qaeda, but has now been taken over by ISIS. No civilians were killed, but an estimated 36 ISIS Jihadis were. Several ISIS ammunition caches were also destroyed. All in all, it seems that the mission was a success.

And Afghanis are evidently a fan. “I want 100 times more bombings on this group,” Hakim Khan said. Khan lives in the Achin district, in Nangarhar province, where the bombing took place.

Technically speaking, MOAB stands for massive ordnance air blast. It weighs a massive 21,000 lbs and can unleash 11 tons of explosives, and Thursday was the first time it had ever been used in combat. The MOAB was specifically designed for situations like that in Afghanistan, with a complex tunnel system. It explodes mid-air, creating massive air pressure that makes structures — like tunnels — collapse. The MOAB bomb is similar to the BLU-82B/C-130 weapon system, or the “Daisy Cutter”, which was used in Vietnam to clear heavy jungle areas and in Iraq to clear land mines.

Created in 2003, the Pentagon originally thought it could be used as a “shock and awe” weapon in Iraq, to intimidate enemy forces. Whether it will work to intimidate ISIS fighters is yet to be seen, but it does seem to send a clear message. The Obama era of capitulation and weakness is over; there’s a new administration in charge and they aren’t playing around.

Do you think ISIS will finally be destroyed now?

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