Afghanistan Is Loaded

Who knew? This land-locked throw-back tribal country is sitting on vast wealth. What does it mean?
By Melissa Clouthier

Well, unless America is willing to go colonial and impose civilization on these folks, it will mean more infighting and civil war.

Is this news a way to justify staying in Afghanistan because the president sees no way out that isn’t disastrous for American safety? I think so. Will this news appease the “No blood for oil” crowd? Well, they are pretty hypocritical.

America could have had a piece of the action in Iraq and helped them develop their oil fields. The jerks opposing the war wouldn’t allow America to benefit from it, so guess who did? China.

If the government operates true to form, the same will happen in Afghanistan. Then again, President Obama is a Democrat and Democrats do like thugocracies as long as it serves their purpose, so who knows?

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