Afghanistan, The Longest War & Staying The Course

Today, the Huffington Post headlines Afghanistan and also today, I had the pleasure of having Michael Franzak, Afghan veteran and author of the Afghanistan war memoir A Nightmare’s Prayer: A marine harrier pilot’s war in Afghanistan.

The contrasts couldn’t be more stark. The Huffington Post paints a dire pictureand headlines an op-ed urging President Obama to get out of Afghanistan:

And then, on the other side, are the realists who know what’s at stake in Afghanistan and know what’s at stake should America pull out of that trouble country. There is a reason why we’re still fighting the Taliban.

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So today, Michael Franzak joined me on the program to talk about his experiences as a pilot in Afghanistan. While he questioned some strategy choices and rued the approach to the Afghan culture the first couple years of the war, Mike believes that pulling out of Afghanistan would be a huge mistake. He also talks of his own personal experiences there. It’s a beautifully written book and brutally candid.

Franzak and I also discuss everything from poppy fields and the opium trade to the brutal weather conditions and rugged terrain. We also discuss the culture and multiculturalism. Is Democracy possible or even desired in Afghanistan? Also considered were the leadership of General McChrystal and CentCom commander David Petreaus.

The interview can be listened to here.

Please buy his book. Proceeds go to the charitable organization T.A.P.S.: Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.

A few thoughts about the liberals push to get troops out of Afghanistan:

It’s clear that they do not acknowledge the consequences to American lives everywhere with the pull-out policy. The mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan would become the outpost for terrorist training worldwide–unencumbered and uninhibited. We have had many Americans recently trying to make a trek to Pakistan to get terrorist training. The Time’s Square Bomber was trained there.

Do we want these disgusting places to grow, like a cancer, unfought? They will send warriors back to fight and it will be on American soil with American lives at stake.

As usual, the liberals are spineless and faithless and lack vision. They see a world without war, but would create the circumstances to get more of the very thing they hate.

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