Black Lives Matter Activist Shaun King Promoted Charities That Never Existed

Just how phony is the Black Lives Matter movement? Hate hoaxer, racial impostor, and BLM activist Shaun King is emblematic:

Two charities that prominent Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has claimed to have created and has touted publicly were never officially formed, The Daily Caller has learned.

King, who was recently hired as a justice writer at the New York Daily News, began raising money for a group called Justice That’s All last September, just after Michael Brown was fatally shot by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer. He also said in interviews in 2013 that a media company he co-founded, Upfront Media Group, would send a portion of its proceeds to an affiliated nonprofit, the Upfront Foundation.

But an extensive search of state nonprofit registration records, IRS records, and other databases returns no documentation showing that either of those entities were formally created.

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And in an interview with The Daily Caller last week, King’s co-founder at Upfront Media Group, Ray Lee, made the surprise admission that despite King’s claims, the Upfront Foundation has never existed.

That’s only the beginning of King’s charitable shenanigans. Daily Caller has details. For example, the charity Justice That’s All continued drawing funds from the bank accounts of do-gooder suckers even after it disbanded.

Given that King isn’t really black like fellow Social Justice grifters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, what does it take to get him thrown in jail? Is he related to the Clintons somehow?

Though King has become highly influential within the past year — before taking a job with the Daily News he covered police brutality and criminal justice reform for the left-wing Daily Kos — he first gained national attention for his work on a charity he founded in the aftermath of the Jan. 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

But that project, too, has come under scrutiny.

Maybe he really is related to the Clintons.

Shaun King
King next to a genuine person of preferred pigmentation.

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