Black Lives Matter Thugs Demand Woodrow Wilson Be Erased

Woodrow Wilson is a hero to many authoritarian liberals. Acknowledged as a role model by Benito Mussolini, the pointy-headed academic (he was President of Princeton) arguably did more than anyone preceding him to strengthen the Executive Branch at the expense of the Constitution and to forcibly drag the country away from liberty toward socialism. He ham-fistedly nationalized the railroads when they constituted one of the largest industries in the country, and conceived the failed League of Nations, precursor to the odious United Nations. But he failed to conform to today’s political requirements in that he was not fond of blacks, so he must follow his diametric opposite Thomas Jefferson down the Memory Hole:

Black Lives Matter activists at Princeton University have taken over the president’s office and say they won’t leave until the school acknowledges former U.S. president Woodrow Wilson as a racist and renames all buildings currently honoring him on campus.

Members of a group calling themselves the Black Justice League walked out of their classes late Wednesday morning and assembled at Nassau Hall, where they were met by Princeton president Christopher Eisgruber. The students presented a list of demands inspired by similar lists that have been seen at Yale University, the University of Missouri, and elsewhere.

“WE DEMAND the university administration publicly acknowledge the racist legacy of Woodrow Wilson and how he impacted campus policy and culture,” the students’ demands say. …

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The students called on Eisgruber to sign their list of demands, and said until he does so they will occupy Nassau Hall, for days if needed.

Good career move for all involved. Eric Holder took part in a similar occupation, successfully demanding that the disused Naval ROTC headquarters at Columbia University be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” Having established his radical Black Power bona fides, he was later made Attorney General by Obama.

How fitting that fascists would forcibly erase a man who has been called “the 20th Century’s first fascist dictator.”

These bestial goons will never stop making demands until those in charge start using the word black activists have never heard: No. Not a single historical figure is safe from the Memory Hole — except possibly the perfect human being according to prevailing liberal ideology: the sainted martyr Michael Brown, a drug-addled, low-wattage sociopath who committed suicide by cop after strong-arm robbing a convenience store.

Woodrow wilson
Not even Woodrow Wilson deserves the Memory Hole.

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