#BlackLivesMatter: We Need to Kill Cops

#BlackLivesMatter: We Need to Kill Cops

This guy is a Grade A fool if he thinks that he is going to get away with the threats he is using on Twitter in the name of #BlackLivesMatter. This clown is surely a few tacos short of a combo plate:

beem skeem

It’s nothing new for members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement to take to social media in an attempt to rally their followers to commit crimes against police officers and white people, but lately, these idiots have seem to become more emboldened with their plans for domestic terrorism. Darris Watkins, who frequently posts with the #blacklivesmatter hashtag, took to Twitter on Saturday under the handle @beem_skeem, to launch yet another movement to kill cops using the hashtags #DropACop and #PopACop.

The disgruntled individual tweeted out several angry posts, in addition to uploading a video to YouTube, where he specifically told his followers to murder police officers or to knock them out. He also made it clear for anyone reporting him to law enforcement that he did not care.

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Watch this idiot’s tirade om Twitter:

Can somebody shut this clown up? Like seriously, this is off the charts crazy. No one should be talking this way about law enforcement. Maybe that’s a lesson better learned behind bars.

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