Liberal Fascism and the Black Brunch Spectacles

You may not be interested in left-wing politics, but that doesn’t mean left-wing politics won’t take an interest in you. Say you want to spend a little of your hard-earned money eating a pleasant meal in a restaurant. If you do this at an establishment that “antiracists” consider a “white space,” you could find ill-smelling cretins shouting slogans in your face as you attempt to choke down your food. Your disgusted, bewildered, and/or horrified reaction will then be posted to social media so as to hold you up to public ridicule:

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Via Yahoo News:

In a twist on sit-in-style protests, civil rights activists entered several restaurants in New York City and Oakland, Calif., on Sunday in what organizers billed as “Black Brunch.”

About three dozen people participated in demonstrations in New York, where they momentarily “disrupted” meals at popular midtown eateries, including Lallisse, Maialino and Pershing Square — places protesters identified as predominantly “white spaces.”

Who could be more racist than a white person discovered in a white space? In accordance with the prevailing ideology, such people must be punished. Power to the community organized righteously Caucasian-hating rabble!

In-your-face mob action like this is a classic characteristic of fascism. So is the practice of shutting down any speech the mob regards as opposition to its will. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that liberal hackers have shut down Weasel Zippers to punish this highly recommended site for making public a manual for the Black Brunch spectacles that was not intended for the prying eyes of whites:

In a document obtained by me for Weasel Zippers, activists outline their plans for disrupting businesses, assigning members of their group to stall and talk with store owners and management. They assign various persons the tasks of taking photos, shooting video, interacting with police and ensuring the safety of illegal and disruptive demonstrations.

Furthermore, the document goes on to outline the exact nature of the struggle that the# BlackLivesMatter group feels it is involved in presently, including among other things, how this document is not to be shared via social media and should only be read by those who are of African-American descent.

That must be so no racists see it.

If you can stomach any more whiny and moronic “Black Lives Matter” rhetoric, read the entire secret manual here.

Incidentally, one of the restaurants that had its customers chased away by these lowlifes is owned by a financier of liberal fascism:

Campaign finance supporting, anti-Citizens United restauranteur Danny Meyer was among the owners targeted by black brunch activists…

The Democratic donor’s restaurant, Maialino, was one of the targeted brunch spots. …

Meyer has lent his support to a proposal to restrict the money in New York politics [which in effect restricts free speech] under a more draconian set of rules. He’s also a major Democratic candidate backer.

What goes around comes around.

Maybe normal people should emulate moonbats of color by barging into a South Bronx McDonald’s and denouncing the black on white violence that has reached epidemic proportions throughout the country. For material, they could refer to this online memorial.

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