WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Rapper Posts Shocking Selfies After Being Hit in Head With Stray Bullets

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Rapper Posts Shocking Selfies After Being Hit in Head With Stray Bullets

A rapper has posted a shocking selfie video online showing the immediate aftermath of him being shot in the head with a hail of stray bullets. This is GRAPHIC content and may not be suitable for some audiences:


The footage, filmed at a petrol station in Compton, California, shows rapper Teriq Royal stumbling around with blood pouring down his face while telling the camera ‘I got shot’.

He claims he was caught up in gunfire from an AK-47 and that fragments from the bullet became lodged in his head.

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The clip starts with the rapper trying to catch his breath as he films himself while talking on his mobile phone.

He says: ‘I got shot’, before adding, ‘I’m really a rapper now, I just got shot.’

Another man then appears on camera, who also has blood streaming down his face, who Royal introduces as his ‘soldier’ before the footage ends.

After the incident, he posted the footage on Facebook, explaining that the bullet hit off his skull before it could enter his brain.

He posted: ‘Yes me and the homies got shot a couple days ago. AK47 bullet flew past my head and I was hit with the bullet fragments, 3 frags stuck in my forehead for life.

‘I should’ve died that night but I felt God move me back just enough for the bullet to miss. Take this life s*** serious!

‘I was almost on a T-shirt. I’m just blessed enough to be here for a reason, can’t nobody stop Gods (sic) plans.’



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Thank goodness he survived to tell his story. But really, maybe people need to stop shooting at each other. Just a thought.

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