Department Of Homeland Security Commenting About Michael Yon’s Treatment

I haven’t written about Michael Yon’s mistreatment by the “border bullies“. So many people have written about the topic, it seemed unnecessary. I have followed Michael’s work all over the world. He’s solid. I have no reason to believe that he’s not putting forth the truth about the border folks. Besides, who hasn’t dealt with an over-zealous jerk in a position of authority? Hell, it seems to be a job requirement to be a flight attendant these days.

Anyway, over at Blackfive, some commenters have been defending the actions of DHS with Michael Yon. Laughing Wolf, who you’ll recall from my podcast about the treatment of PTSD by the V.A., did some digging and found that two sock-puppet commenters are coming from the same I.P. address within the Department of Homeland Security.

Interesting. Is this official tax-payer funded propaganda from within the DHS or is the commenter a rogue agent within the fold defending his co-worker’s honor?

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