ENTIRE Redskins Team Leaves The Sidelines To Do Something Else During National Anthem…

ENTIRE Redskins Team Leaves The Sidelines To Do Something Else During National Anthem…

This is how you do it… the Redskins played the Steelers last night. When the National Anthem was on deck, the Redskins’ team did something awesome. The whole team went out and helped the military hold a gigantic American flag during the anthem. Very patriotic and very good PR for the team. Country first, sports second, politics dead last.

The Left hates the Redskins for their name alone. They are still demanding it be changed, even though the majority of Native Americans want it to stay the same. It is to honor them, but the Left is still howling over it. Now they’ll have to deal with real patriotism shown by the Redskins… they may just melt and I’m good with that.

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From Young Conservatives:

Liberals have been very excited about various athletes refusing to stand for the national anthem lately.

They can’t get enough.

Anytime America gets knocked down a few pegs and accused of being racist, they are happy.

The Washington Redskins and the Pittsburgh Steelers kicked off Monday Night Football tonight and a lot of people were wondering what the players on the sidelines would do during the anthem.

The teams stepped up in a big way.

The left isn’t going to like this one…

It went viral on Twitter… people loved it. It was a very classy move and it was shoved in the face of Black Lives Matter and the Leftists. Both teams were a class act and I commend them for doing what is right and not what is politically correct here.

These guys could have pulled a Colin Kaepernick stunt and sat on the bench, knelt or even locked arms (which I still don’t get), but instead they chose to honor the military and America. They also honored the sport with their actions.

They weren’t alone either. On 9/11 at the Eagles/Browns game, there were players, military, firefighters, police officers and others who all held a giant flag in remembrance of that awful day and to honor America. It was a moving sight on that field.

I guess we actually should thank Colin Kaepernick. His unpatriotic, cop-hating, racist antics have rekindled patriotism in Americans across the nation. His actions didn’t quite have the effect he was looking for. Unintended consequences and all that. The National Anthem has taken on a new meaning for all of us and has reminded us of how proud we are to be free Americans.






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