ESPN analyst thinks only Trump fans are offended by Kaepernick’s disrespect of National Anthem

ESPN analyst thinks only Trump fans are offended by Kaepernick’s disrespect of National Anthem

Well, ESPN showed once again why they are despised and how they hire the very worst commentators. I give you ESPN’s Pablo S. Torre, who is so close-minded, he thinks only Trump fans are offended by Kaepernick not standing up for the National Anthem. Au contraire… I am not a fan of the Trumpster by any stretch of the imagination and I’m uber offended by what Kaepernick did. So, Torre can get stuffed. He’s trying to lump all Republicans and conservatives together and failing at it miserably.

For his dimwitted information, the National Anthem has everything to do with sports in this country. It’s why we have them you moron. National pride and all that. Sports brings us together as Americans and as a nation. Why else do you think people go to games painted up like jerseys, scream their heads off and wear cheese hats? They are rooting not only for their teams, but for their country.

Most Americans are not racist. Especially police officers. Nice way to stereotype and profile… you won’t mind if we return the favor, right? Oh, of course you would… because… racism.


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From NewsBusters:

Apparently those who profess to be most offended by stereotyping and profiling are taking a break, to stereotype and profile Republicans and conservatives.

Reacting to criticism of Colin Kaepernick for sitting during the National Anthem on Friday night, ESPN’s Pablo S. Torre took to Twitter with an open mind, and absolutely no sweeping generalizations:


So, according to Torre, the only people upset with Kaepernick are Republicans and Trump supporters? Because only Republicans care about showing respect for the flag? Or, don’t think their country is being run by racists?


Torre went on:


You can expect an aggressive push now for sports in general to do away with the National Anthem. Just as they did away with all things religious. What next? No beer and hot dogs?

These are the same people who consider the Constitution to be an old and outdated document. They don’t call them ‘Progressives’ for nothing. And they are totally anti-American.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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