Guess Why Kansas State Lost The Pinstrip Bowl

This ones a doozy

Coffman, who played brilliantly in his last college game, led the (Kansas State) Wildcats into Syracuse territory and connected with Hilburn near the sideline about 10 yards down field. After winning a footrace to the end zone, he dropped the ball, did a quick salute and turned to celebrate with his teammates.

The flags came flying and the 2-point attempt turned into a desperation play.

That’s right, campers, K State was given a penalty for excessive celebration for…..throwing a quick salute (picture available at the link). In a time when we have troops fighting two wars, this is simply despicable. Tom Fornelli agrees

It was a terrible call, and at possibly the worst time it could have been made. Kansas State fans, and college football fans have every right to be angry with the official who made the call, and reportedly told Hilburn “wrong choice, buddy” as he threw the flag. Still, we can all be as angry with the official as we want to be, but I worry that we might be shooting the messenger here.

Yes, it was a terrible call, but the penalty wasn’t what’s truly terrible about all of this. The fact that a player celebrating a touchdown is illegal in the first place is what’s truly terrible.

These are kids out there on the playing field, are they not? Maybe the NCAA and the schools forget that from time to time because they’re so busy counting the money that these kids make for them. It’s because of this stupid rule that a kid goes from the elation he was feeling for possibly saving the day for his teammates to wanting to crawl under a rock knowing that he just cost those teammates the game.

It was just a tiny salute aimed at the crow. Hilburn wasn’t showing anyone up. A truly disgusting call.

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