Jerry Brown Begins to Grasp the Effects of Liberal Dysgenics

Obama’s refusal to defend the border or enforce immigration law, combined with outlandishly extravagant welfare benefits, provides a strong incentive for the unproductive to pour into our country from the Third World, and to reproduce like rabbits once they are here. This in turn combines with feminist ideology to produce a depraved new form of eugenics, by which the least fit produce the most offspring.

The process is so obvious at this point that even Jerry Brown – himself a character straight out of Idiocracy – has at least a vague grasp of what is happening to us as industry, independence, and intelligence are bred out of the population:

“In California, out of six million students, two million are designated English-language learners, and that means extra money for that school, as well as for low-income families, and that’s about half the students in California,” Brown said.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Brown said. “I don’t know what the affluent families are doing.

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“They’re not producing or something, because half the kids in schools are from low-income families,” Brown said.

He then went on to extol “Brown Power” – i.e., the subjugation of California and eventually the entire USA by Third Worlders due to radical demographic changes brought about by liberal policies.

Fortunately it is not quite too late to stop the American population from degenerating to the point of total dysfunction. Three things need to happen:

1. Responsible, intelligent women need to go back to getting married and having families with responsible, intelligent men, feminism be damned.

2. Illegal aliens must be expelled, the border must be sealed, and the disastrous policies that followed from Ted Kennedy’s malevolent Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 must be repealed.

3. We have to stop paying women to have children out of wedlock rather than get married and/or get a job.

These are all no-brainers for anyone who wants our civilization to survive, but none will be achieved until we accomplish the most essential objective of all: liberalism has got to be overthrown.

Alternatively, we could continue on our current path. Within the lifespan of many living today, we will be reduced to a Third World level of existence. If liberalism survives to work its wicked reverse natural selection, the population will continue to degenerate, until future Americans communicate in grunts and ambulate on all fours.

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