Judge Napolitano gets blunt: Hillary ‘is a Felon’ [Watch]

Judge Napolitano gets blunt: Hillary ‘is a Felon’ [Watch]

This is what anyone with a shred of common sense has been saying – Hillary belongs in jail. Now, even Judge Napolitano agrees:

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It was judge interviewing judge on Fox News last weekend with the subject being Hillary Clinton’s vulnerability regarding her email scandal — which keeps getting worse and worse.

When Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano was a guest on “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” host Jeanine Pirro asked why Americans should be concerned about the FBI’s criminal investigation into the former secretary of state’s email (mis)use.

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Napolitano didn’t mince words.

“Because she wants to be the president of the United States, and she’s a felon and she should be indicted for it,” he said bluntly.

You have to see this:

And people will actually vote for this lady. Unbelievable. Enjoy your cell, Shrillary.

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