If You Live In America, You Don’t Get To Say ‘Life Isn’t Fair’

If You Live In America, You Don’t Get To Say ‘Life Isn’t Fair’

Unless you’re warning your children about the harsh realities of the real world, the phrase “life isn’t fair” should never pass your lips.

By virtue of being born in the United States of America, you are part of a small group of insanely lucky people walking the planet. Don’t agree? Well think about it; at the moment, you’re reading this article on an Internet-capable device (likely a smart phone) while sitting in a home or business of some sort. Sure, you may be broke right now and not able to afford that $6 latte at Starbucks, but you are still better off than about 96% of the world. You’ve had some bad things happen to you in your life that have set you back? So has everyone else.

At 16 years of age, I watched my amazing father pass away in my family home after battling the most aggressive kind of melanoma known to man. At 19, I watch my grandmother shoot herself in the head because she was slowly losing her mind. A few months ago, I was so broke that I had to forgo meals in order to be able to pay my bills. I can’t afford to go to college even with a grant (and I’m not getting into the trap of a government loan), so at 22, I still haven’t graduated with even a basic degree, let alone had a chance to pursue my passions.

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Despite this and many other issues in my life including physical injury and mental illness, I have no right to complain.

Sure, I could probably use my past trauma to convince people to take it easy on me and a lesser person might. (I spent a lot of time until recently trying to “out tragedy” people. All it does is make everyone involved miserable and terrible to be around.) The problem with that is you and I are still blessed beyond belief, we are just too wrapped up in our own problems to realize it.

Did you have to scoop out your young child’s eye with a rusty spoon today just so they can score a couple extra nickels while begging? Did you have to explain to your daughter that she can’t go to school like her big brother because that’s not what girls do in your country? Did you send your 13 year-old son out to work in the cocaine fields this morning, knowing that he may never come back? Are you currently reading this from inside a third-world brothel between being drugged and raped by complete strangers while some evil people are making good money off of your misery?

Unless you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you have no valid complaint about your life being unfair.

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While you’re viciously typing away on your iPhone about how some rich white guy somewhere is the reason you’re not able to get a Gender Studies degree for free from the most expensive university in your state, a 6 year-old Christian girl was kidnapped by ISIS terrorists who will force her to live out the rest of her life in sexual slavery. Of course, that was after she watched them murder her dad and brother because they refused to convert to Islam and kill infidels. And you still think YOUR life is hard?

I’m not saying that we should ignore legitimate instances of injustice in the United States, but they have to be just that, legitimate. Sure, your current situation might suck, but keep in mind that you live in a country that gives you every opportunity possible to turn it around. It also pays to remember that despite all of your problems, there are literally billions of people who would kill to be in your position.

Count your blessings and remember to keep things in perspective. The rest of the world recognizes how lucky you are, so why don’t you?

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