Meet Jake, The Courageous Dog Who Bounced Back From Severe Burns As A Puppy

It isn’t just people who can bounce back from adversity. Dogs might even do it better than we do.

Here’s an example. His name’s Jake, and he’s had it tough – but it’s never gotten him down.

Not many people would even consider abandoning a family member after they were caught in a house fire.

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But Jake’s family did just that.

When firefighters managed to pull the tiny pup from the flames, he had already suffered bad burns. His family took the poor boy to the vet…where they promptly abandoned him. But that’s not where his story ends.

Here comes a series of pictures from Jake’s Facebook page that tell his story…

That was six months ago, after Jake suffered severe burns in the house fire. The family gave up on him.

Even beat up as he was, he’s still adorable.

Next came weeks of rehab, and he was healing – if gradually.

My Hero/My Daddy

Posted by Jakes Page on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Then, a new home! William Lindler, the firefighter who rescued him, decided to take him in – so Jake the victim of a house fire then became Jake the Fire Dog!

Seriously. He’s a fire dog.

Even goes around the community as a mascot for the local fire department in Hanahan, South Carolina.

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