NBC Sports Writer Savaged On Twitter After Claiming American Flag Is Political

NBC Sports Writer Savaged On Twitter After Claiming American Flag Is Political

The media is filled with Liberals who think it’s shameful to be patriotic. Yes, even the sports media. NBC Sports writer Craig Calcaterra found himself in hot water on Twitter after seeing the American flag displayed on the field at Suntrust Park. He tweeted out “Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free.” What ensued was nothing short of a firestorm of criticism.

Of course, only a Liberal could think Old Glory was political. The American flag is a beautiful reminder of of our freedom and our blessings as Americans. Our flag was bought with the blood of patriots and flies proudly over every sports event. If people like Mr. Calcaterra have a problem with that, then perhaps they ought to re-examine their attitudes. We respect the flag because we love our nation. And there’s nothing political about that.

Here are some of the responses to his whiny tweet.


Mr. Calcaterra seems to forget that it is exactly that flag which was paid for in blood, that symbolizes our rights as Americans to speak freely, disagree with our leaders and engage in politics from every political perspective. The flag is the visual reminder that no matter our beliefs and no matter our political persuasion, we are all Americans. So from now on, maybe Calcaterra could choose to view the red, white and blue through the lens of the American freedoms that it represents.

Flags, flyovers and feisty free Americans. Every sports event has them. From football to baseball, to hockey and basketball, to soccer and little league, and every school sports event across the nation, our flag flies. You may not love the flag, Craig Calcaterra, but rest assured that there were people who loved this nation enough to make sure she still flies proudly over the USA.

Perhaps if Mr. Calcaterra had already read John Hawkins’ brand new book “101 Things All Young Adults Should Know,” he’d be familiar with Hawkins’ number 17, “If you want to know what a person really believes, watch their actions.” Calactaerra’s actions show he is against patriotism and the display of our flag. And quite frankly, that’s just too bad. When it comes to sports events, the flag is here to stay.

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