NFL Player TROLLS BlackLivesMatter – Invites Special Guests To Game Against Kaepernick

NFL Player TROLLS BlackLivesMatter – Invites Special Guests To Game Against Kaepernick

Oh, this is just awesome! I love this. Heh. LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills has had his own run-ins with the law. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love and respect police officers. And if it takes a jab at the opposing team… well then, it’s a twofer. This one is glorious.

McCoy is inviting 15 to 20 police officers to the first game of the season, which is between the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. He says he’s doing it out of appreciation for the officers, but it also looks like he’s trolling Black Lives Matter. He says there are good cops and bad cops, just like there are good people and bad people. But the very best thing he said was this: “There’s still good cops. At the end of the day, if there’s something wrong going on, if there’s something dangerous, I’m sure Kap, he’ll call the cops. He’ll call 911.” Oh snap! That’s going to leave a mark on Kaepernick. Good times.


From Blue Lives Matter:

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Buffalo Bills starting running back LeSean McCoy has had an awful track record with the law, but he appears to be trying to build bridges by doing a good deed for a group of people that have been slandered and as of late, the police. McCoy has publicly stated that he plans to invite fifteen to twenty police officers to the Bills – 49rs game.


Is it just a coincidence that McCoy chose the one game where his Bills take on Colin Kaepernick’s 49rs? This is the first game this season that Kaepernick is starting in.

“I’m going to invite some police to the game, about 15 or 20, just an appreciation thing. They’re taking so much heat right now, and there’s things that have happened that are definitely wrong, but I just feel like there’s always bad people and good people. There’s good cops and there’s bad cops.” McCoy said during a press conference.

McCoy was involved in a bar fight with two off duty Philly officers earlier this summer. So this is even more ironic. He was arrested and admitted what he did was wrong. He then acknowledged how important police are in our society.

“You don’t hear about other guys like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady getting into incidents like that, so I think sometimes you get so lackadaisical about being successful as a football player, and then you let all the minor, small things go. In a situation like that, if you got security or you got even off-duty officers working for me at the time, and this thing never even gets out of hand.” McCoy said, via The officers involved in the incident filed lawsuits against the running back.

Along with the police officers, McCoy is inviting a group of inner city youths to the game. He wants to bring police and these kids together. Smart. I’m sure the police appreciate what he is doing here and it shows that McCoy is definitely more interested in doing the right thing than the politically correct thing. Respect.

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