Obamacare Cuts Off Health Care For Woman With Rare Disease

Obamacare Cuts Off Health Care For Woman With Rare Disease

Meet the latest victim of Obamacare:: Tiffany St. Cyr. : She’s a resident of California and has a rare disease called: Achalasia. : It causes her esophagus : to become so weak that she cannot push food towards her stomach. In short, it leads to starvation. She needs treatment, but cannot pay for it due to Obamacare

The Mayo Clinic says there is no cure for the disease, but its “symptoms can usually be managed with minimally invasive (endoscopic) therapy or surgery.”

This where the healthcare changes come into play for St. Cyr. According to the Paradise Post, “St. Cyr was previously covered under no-share cost MediCal” but on November 1st “was transferred to a managed healthcare plan” that does not cover treatments for her disease.

This transfer to a managed plan took place “pursuant to AB 1467, the 2012-13 [California] State budget.”

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According to the California Legislature’s Bill Analysis webpage, AB1467 made certain changes to MediCal to “comply with requirements of the federal Affordable Care Act,” also known as Obamacare. Other changes were made in anticipation of the January 1, 2014 roll-out of Covered California, “California’s own version of [Obamacare].”

But the result of it all is that St. Cyr cannot pay for the treatment she needs to reverse the effects of her disease.

CA Assemblyman Dan Logue (R-3rd Dist.) has taken up St. Cyr’s cause and says he is “prepared to write a letter (to Sacramento)” on her behalf, “asking that she gets the kind of care that she needs.”

Hope and change for some; : misery and despair for most.

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