[VIDEO] Patriotic Theme Chosen By Students ‘Struck Down’ by School – But The Dance Will Go On!

[VIDEO] Patriotic Theme Chosen By Students ‘Struck Down’ by School – But The Dance Will Go On!

This is not a joke. In Massachusetts, Lexington High School is having a SERIOUS debate over the theme of a school dance. Wow, it must be pretty awful of a theme, right? Like gang colors or one-race only?


Get ready for this ‘terrible’ theme:


IJReview Reports:


A Massachusetts high school is having a serious debate over the theme of a scheduled dance.

According to WHDH, students at the school in Lexington said that the school administration canceled their ‘American pride’ dance because it may exclude other nationalities.

The ‘American pride’ theme received the most votes from the Lexington High School dance committee. Despite this, the administration is standing behind its decision, saying it’s are willing to tweak the theme in order for ‘everyone to be included.’

Assistant Superintendent Carol Pilarski defended the administration’s decision:

“Given the diverse demography of our community it was suggested by the advisers that the students come maybe national pride theme so they could represent their individual nationalities.”

Students, like Sneha Rao, expressed surprise:

“People consider America to be a melting pot, so the fact that it was even considered offensive is what people are a little surprised about.”

The town of Lexington is famous for being one of the birthplaces of the American Revolution. The Battle of Lexington and Concord, the first engagement between British troops and American colonists, took place there in 1775.

No one has a problem with this except the politically correct morons at this school. Let the kids have their dance. Your school is basically a symbol of America. Maybe a dance symbolizing the spirit of the school, and the place all these kids live, would actually be just fine. Quit worrying about hurting people’s ‘feelings’ and start caring about what most students want- a patriotic dance.

UPDATE:The dance will go on! H/T: Boston.com

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