Researchers at Harvard Have Discovered A Second Copy of the Declaration of Independence

Researchers at Harvard Have Discovered A Second Copy of the Declaration of Independence

It never even occurred to me that one of the most important documents of America’s founding might have a duplicate. I’ve been working under the assumption that there is one copy and one alone.

Apparently, that is not the case.

Declaration of Independence and American Flag

According to Harvard researchers, there is a second parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence. Where do you suspect such an important document would be stashed? A secret compartment underneath Thomas Jefferson’s house? Inside the walls of the White House?

Actually, it was found by Emily Sneff and Danielle Allen in a records office in southern England.

The pair dated the parchment to some time in the 1780’s and say it may have been in the possession of a man known as the “Radical Duke” who supported America’s war for independence.

The only other real copy to exist is maintained by the National Archives in Washington.

Something that makes this copy different than the one here in America is the fact that the signers aren’t broken down by state. Not a life-changing difference, but it is enough to make it unique.

Now why would it be that someone in England (even someone who was on our side) would have a copy of our Declaration of Independence? Was it a show of thanks for his support? Was it in celebration of the Americans finally being able to rule themselves? I’d love to find out the reason behind the sending of this historical document, because it would give us even more insight into the minds of our Founding Fathers.

Do you think this copy should be sent back to the United States for archiving? Do you think it should be kept in England where one of our Founding Fathers intended it to be? What are your thoughts?

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