Stories You Should Know: What You Missed Over The Weekend

Supposedly the news cycle ebbs over the weekend. Not this weekend. And there wasn’t even football.

Here are some stories I wanted to share:

U.N. Global Warming science was based on a college dissertation. No, I am not making this up.

SNL had a hilarious skit, for once, about Scott Brown’s effect on the Dems.

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This is a must-read story from the WaPo of all places, about the way the Obama Administration is going wrong over terrorism. Speaking of those sweet, innocent terrorists: read this first-hand account of their actions.

And for just sheer viewing pleasure, watch Roger Ailes take down Arianna Huffington and watch for Paul Krugman flinching and rolling his eyes at Arianna. Hilarious. Personally, I flinch any time any of these no-minds speak.

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