The Heart-Meltingly Sweet Story Behind Elderly Couple’s Romantic Airport Reunion

Today’s feel-good story of the day comes from the City of Angels

Can you and your partner always find ways to show that he/she loves you? If not then you need to read this sweet love story that never dies with the passage of time. An elderly couple’s sweet reunion at the Los Angeles International Airport was caught on video that went viral on social media. Now, the couple has identified themselves and is sharing their even sweeter love story.

The video, which had over Twenty Three million views on Facebook Wednesday morning, shows 80-year-old Bernard Mills waiting for his 75-year-old wife, Carolyn Ogden, with a bouquet of pink flowers and candy. When she arrives, they share a romantic embrace, multiple kisses and wide smiles.

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Mills told he had no idea the video was being recorded this past Saturday, when Ogden came back home after 2 weeks away at a wedding in Delaware. The romantic gesture caught on video was just one of many that the 80-year-old likes to do for his wife, he said.

“We’re always very aware of each other’s needs and desires,” he said. “I always try to do things she likes, and she does likewise. Sometimes, I’ll hug and kiss her in the kitchen unexpectedly, or while I’m watching TV, I’ll get up to surprise and kiss her. Before sleeping, I always make sure to kiss her goodnight and tell her I love her.

And now, the video…

The Millses have only been married for five years, it turns out, as they met on e-Harmony after losing spouses each had been married to for 50 years.

These people know how to keep a relationship.

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