This Grandmother Said 6 Words About WHY America WINS…It’s Going VIRAL!

Here’s a simple example of what’s been lost amid the onslaught of the politically correct/cultural Marxist worldview on American culture.

A quick anecdote from the Greatest Generation

The World War II generation, or “The Greatest Generation” as defined by former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw, grew up in the Great Depression and then went on to fight in World War II.

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They were great because they endured and prevailed against extremely difficult times.

Andrew Clark, editor at the Independent Journal Review, recently talked to his grandmother, who was born in 1928, about living through this tough time. He was specifically interested in World War II and the public’s opinion about it.

“When we started fighting World War Two, how confident was everybody that we were actually going to win?” he asked her.

Her answer represents what many believe America is all about.

“We knew we were going to win because we knew we were the best,” she told him.

That seems like a little thing, but it really isn’t. Even following an entire lost decade in which poverty and privation, economic dislocation and national malaise had wracked the country, sweeping away the fun-loving and decadent but wildly prosperous 1920’s and infusing America with a profound sense of loss, and even following the German march through Western Europe and the Japanese imperial expansion to cover the western half of the Pacific, there was a confidence among the American people.

And that was at a time when the military prowess of the United States was at a minimum level. We had less troops under arms and less military hardware on hand than any of the great powers of the time. We had to gear up for war before we could fight it.

Still, there was confidence. Why? Because people actually believed in the American people and the strength of our culture and society.

We believe that’s still true, but it’s a ship covered in barnacles. A bit of scraping-off of the modern-day America-bashing would do us a lot of good.

Particularly given that 2010’s America looks a little like 1930’s America, and so does the world.

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