VIDEO: Heroic Black Trump Supporter Tries To Save Flag From Being Burned

VIDEO: Heroic Black Trump Supporter Tries To Save Flag From Being Burned

Most of us are opposed to a law that would make it illegal to burn the American flag… but while we may not want government stopping these idiots, that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be satisfying to handle these kinds of matters on our own. One man, a Trump supporter, did exactly that and his heroics are going viral.


From News Ninja:

More and more Americans are taking the risk to stop liberal flag burners from destroying the beautiful flag of freedom.

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The unnamed Trump supporter stated the following:

“Too many people died for this flag!”

He’s 100 percent correct. Many people served this country to protect the flag and burning the flag is not freedom of speech, it’s destruction of an American historical monument and should be treated with respect and honor.

Here’s the deal: before we can become a unified nation once again, there must be certain commonalities. One of these common understandings is that while we should all be free to disagree with American policy, our government, our society and any number of other things about America, we should not disrespect the flag. While we battle each other for the heart and soul of this nation, the flag represents not only living Americans, but all Americans who ever were or ever will be.

Too many people died for the flag. Remember that.

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