Video: Man Drives His Hummer H1 Underwater In Houston Flood

You might have heard about the amazing amount of rain that hit the Houston area on Monday, inundating the whole town with as much as 20 inches of rain in the space of a couple of days and flooding much of the city with astonishingly high water levels. The death toll from the flooding has risen to seven… a sad and shocking result from a storm no one particularly saw coming.

But amid the deluge, there is something of a highlight – namely, that the floods have proven the value of an automotive dinosaur. The Hummer was done away with amid the General Motors bailout, as the Obama administration didn’t want anything to do with a big, brash, gas-guzzling, global-warming behemoth of a sports utility vehicle, and thus when it reorganized the flailing auto giant it dumped the Hummer division overboard.

Several years later, though, there are still Hummers on the road. And while Obama didn’t like them much, their owners like them fine. This guy would be a good example – he was able to drive his monster in water so high it’s over the hood.

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Watch this, and then tell us the market wouldn’t value the return of the Hummer:

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