WOW! Woman Leaves Note After Someone Stole Her Parking Space…Their Response? VERY UNEXPECTED!

Exchanges like these usually end up in feuds, but not this time. Call it the holiday spirit, or call it character.

But either way, this will warm your heart

When you find a piece of paper under your windshield wipers, it’s usually a ticket. But not this time.

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A woman who found her paid residential parking spot taken by a stranger decided to leave a note under the wipers, conveying her extreme displeasure at the situation.

She said she could have gotten the vehicle towed but chose to park somewhere else instead—a decision that left her with a parking ticket she couldn’t afford.

The offender then left the parking space and the woman was able to relocate to her spot.

Whereupon, she found this tucked in her windshield…

With an envelope containing $100.

Leaving that note on the windshield of a car when the recipient will then know your car by your parking in that space opens you up to the potential for abuse. But in this case, it wasn’t abuse that came, it was a good deed and a sincere apology.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that was the usual result?

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