REPORT: DACA Amnesty Could Trigger A Flood Of 4-6M Chain Migrants, Not 800K [VIDEO]

President Trump has a decision to make. Who knows if he will make the right one? His track record is poor. There is still no wall, no tax cuts. I guess he’s just another in a long list of disappointments in my life.

Nearly 800,000 illegal aliens would be allowed to remain in the United States and eventually obtain U.S. citizenship if DACA is to be renewed, research shows. Research also shows it would create a yuuuge wall of four to six million chain migrants coming to the United States. Yikes.

Trump adamantly opposed this during the campaign. Nothing gets my blood boiling like someone who campaigns on something specifically and then does the exact opposite once they get in. I guess I’m young enough to still care and not be too jaded by politicians, but this could be the last straw for me. I’m no longer voting. It’s a waste of time. Next time we can all just vote a little harder and we can get what we want enacted in policy. Good luck with that.

Today, Trump tweeted to his supporters that he opposed any sort of chain migration that would follow a DACA amnesty deal.

Okay, Mr. President, we all believe you. Except all the deals on the table would cause this 6 million migrant crisis and you’re delusional. The latest data from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) shows that 618,342 illegal aliens from Mexico currently have DACA status. If they were granted citizenship into the U.S., it would give them the opportunity to bring adult parents and relatives to the U.S. to do the exact same thing. Does The Donald really think this won’t happen?

“There will be chain migration. There always has been in amnesties,” Center for Immigration Studies Policy Director Jessica Vaughan told Breitbart News. You said it Jessica.

According to Princeton University researchers Stacie Carr and Marta Tienda, for every one new Mexican immigrant to the U.S., an additional 6.38 Mexican nationals come to the U.S. through family-chain migration. I don’t know where the .38 of a person comes from, unless you count my Uncle Rico.

As the Migration Policy Institute has chronicled, this has all happened before and it will all happen again:

“While the flow of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) has been climbing steadily since 2012, a dramatic surge has taken place in the last six months, with the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas as the principal place of entry. The Border Patrol there has converted entire stations to house unaccompanied minors and families.

“According to the Border Patrol, apprehensions of unaccompanied children increased from 16,067 in fiscal year (FY) 2011 to 24,481 in FY 2012 and 38,833 in FY 2013. During the first eight months of FY 2014, 47,017 such children were apprehended by the Border Patrol. If the influx continues apace—and it shows no signs of slowing—the administration predicts that by the end of the fiscal year on September 30, totals could reach 90,000.

“Ninety-eight percent of unaccompanied minors currently arriving at the border are from Honduras (28 percent), Mexico (25 percent), Guatemala (24 percent), and El Salvador (21 percent). This breakdown represents a significant shift: prior to 2012, more than 75 percent of UACs were from Mexico.

“There’s one thing for sure: it’s not going to be 800,000 illegal aliens amnestied,” Jessica Vaughan said.

I’m done turning our country into a third world socialist hell-hole. I’m no longer voting. This…this just sums it all up perfectly for me. Fair warning, language.

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